Yoga retreats

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Yoga retreats

Why do I want to do a yoga retreat?

We are encouraged to follow our desires, but not necessarily trained to question them.

To choose the right course or yoga retreat, you have to understand and analyze what drives you. From this answer, you will have a sketch of your Grail.

for example, you are looking for more spiritual answers and a more meditative experience, Asia is a place that offers this kind of retreat.

you need calm and peace, you should avoid courses that are surfing on the trend.

If you are looking to perfect yourself in the postures and in a style of yoga, it would be better to move towards a more intensive course.

The difficulty is to clearly determine his desire and the underlying reasons for not being in a place where you might not feel in your place. We must be wary of our desires.

Who doesn’t want to do their meditation or their sun salutation facing the foothills of the Himalayas?

On the other hand, a yogi spiritual retreat is very intense and far from clichés. You have to be able to last a more or less long period of frugality, cut off from the world, that is to say without the Internet, without a smartphone.

important thing is therefore to clearly define your expectations by following the second observance of Yama: Satya, that is, looking at you with truth, objectivity, and tenderness.

choices of internship, retreat, or yoga trip

current trend is yoga and surf courses.

We have nothing against it, but you have to know how to get information to know the ins and outs of these courses.

The success of yoga and its universe has made it a market where you can find both passionate people and opportunists.

Conversely, it is not because an internship or a trip promises you the authenticity that it is. Word of mouth remains the best solution. You can take advice from your yoga teacher or other students.

Do not hesitate to go around the forums and question the organizer.

There are purely yoga courses, but also many variations.

For example, the surf and yoga course is more oriented towards sport, and yoga is often, not always, used to gain flexibility and serenity after a long session in the waves.

Conversely, Ayurveda and yoga courses are often more demanding, because you find yourself almost like a student. For backpackers, yoga trips allow you to discover countries while practicing daily.

Yoga is included in the schedule and the trip is done in a spirit of nature and discovery. We stay away from the tourist circuits and we follow the thread of yoga in the country visited.Yoga retreats

The criteria for a successful yoga retreat

Once you have determined what you expect from this process, there are certain points to check.

Level :

This is important regardless of the type of yoga. Beginners will have a wide choice, this is perhaps the level where there is the most choice. They are also found under the name “discovery course”.

All courses specify a level, but we know that it is a more or less precise indication.

An experienced Hatha yoga student will find themselves new to vinyasa yoga but will have a general yoga foundation. The level is also intensity.

A beginner course will be gentler, and more educational with time to explain and assimilate the basics.

The level should not be selected only on the number of years of practice, but also on the intensity that you want to put in this internship. Let’s never forget the humility that must accompany our practice: we are always a beginner.

Duration and price:

Again, one can find one-day courses to retreats lasting several months.

We go from initiation to retirement, without forgetting the trip. For a first, a short week is more than enough. If yoga is supposed to be at the heart of this experience, there is also the human experience.

And you will find that the world of yoga is populated by the same people as in the secular world. Sometimes it passes, sometimes it breaks, even with all the kindness in the world… The prices range from simple to fivefold. There is something for all wallets.

After all, it’s always a matter of common sense. Between a course 50 km from your home which will cost the price of a yogi trip on the banks of the Ganges or conversely a yogi course in Kathmandu which costs a Paris-Bordeaux train journey, there is a wolf lurking.Yoga retreats

The yoga teacher:

It’s essential.

We must warn you against fanciful internships and more or less sectarian excesses.

It is a minority, fortunately, and it often concerns fashionable yogas to lure the beginner, the one who is looking for himself.

We reassure you that the biggest sect you have the chance to meet is that of the euro.

A yogi would tell you that you have to accept your mistakes and that they are the fruit of your previous lives.

We prefer to alert you without worrying too much since it suffices to do an Internet search with the name of the teacher to get an idea of ​​the teaching during the yoga workshops.

Yoga retreats The teacher is often the soul of the course.

Apart from the yoga and meditation sessions that will punctuate the stay, it is he who will organize the time around these periods and who can offer visits, and discoveries to extend his teaching… In summary, the course will look like him.

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