Family Vacation Rental

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Family Vacation Rental

6 steps to prepare for a trip with children, that’s the purpose of this article so you don’t forget anything when you’re a happy mom! Let’s learn to organize ourselves with these travel lists.

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1- Choose your travel destination (6 months ago) Family Vacation Rental

Most important! We have been dreaming for months or even years of a destination. But is it really the right trip to take with your kids. Follow these tips to choose your flight and get everything done on time. It’s a good idea to ask yourself all these questions a year to six months in advance

Ask your friends for advice on destinations they’ve taken with the kids.

 Choose the destination according to the age of the children: to do this, compare the flight time, the time difference, the climate, and the possible activities in the country visited.

To stick to your budget, compare living standards in different countries; Your budget can go from simple to double.

 Buy a guide to prepare your itinerary: there, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a guide.

Either grab the most popular ones aimed at adult travelers or find a family travel guide and top up your knowledge of travel and kids.

Check your vacation dates, and children’s dates, or select your vacation.

 Make sure that the most pleasant climate of your destination corresponds to the dates of your vacation.

It is very bad to go to Southeast Asia during the monsoon season, it will prevent you from experiencing many activities, especially with young children

 Check the papers, passports, and identity cards… that you will need to travel with your children.

 Apply for visas if necessary.

 Prepare your first itinerary, taking care to choose the activities and visits according to each member of the family. Offer moments of comfort to the little ones for a nap.

>> Our advice for planning your itinerary

 Check that your vaccinations are up to date (be careful, some vaccinations must be done several months before the trip to be fully effective)

2- Book your trip with your children Family Vacation Rental

By consulting different websites, find the best rates and book as often as possible to get the right rates! Planned within two months before departure!

 BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS: Remember to check your seats carefully to place your order!

 Find and book your accommodation on-site (at least the first few days if you prefer to go on an adventure!)

– remember to specify if you want to borrow baby equipment (bed, bath, seat, etc.)

– the same thing when the children grow up, no It is possible to have a room for the whole family, make sure the rooms are adjacent and communicate with each other.

Depending on the country, do not forget the air conditioner until the child has cooled down.

 Find a place to raise your pets (family, friends, kennel…)

– book as early as possible, as places are very expensive during the high tourist season.

 Book your car rental – make sure you include the right car seats for your children in the price.

 Print all booking vouchers and keep them in a plastic bag (flight, hotel, rental car, baby equipment, etc.).

Also, keep it in a digital safe in case you get lost abroad

 Book your children’s equipment if you rent equipment at the destination

3- 1 month before departure Family Vacation Rental

That’s it, we’re done! More than a month before the trip then we must not forget anything!

 Print the Kids Travel and Travel Checklist. Complete it if necessary.

 Check everyone’s clothes and buy what’s missing from your travel list.

 Buy new travel toys that you will only give to the children on the day of departure and as the trip progresses.

 Make a list of essential phone numbers for your trip

 Print the addresses of your loved ones on stickers (easier than wandering around in an address book) to surprise the family by sending a beautiful postcard!

 Make an appointment with your doctor, dentist, and ophthalmologist for a check-up and prescription renewal

If you’re going in a motorhome, van, or 4×4, have the car serviced – if there’s a problem, the mechanic will have time to fix it if necessary.

4- 1 week before traveling with children Family Vacation Rental

Last week and after we say bye-bye to his boss. So don’t get overwhelmed and prepare methodically.

 Get out all your clothes, and travel gear and start packing things by piling them up and checking off your travel lists.

If you are missing something or if clothes are dirty, you will have time to go quickly to do the last shopping and the last laundry and ironing.

Forbid children and parents to touch anything in these piles.

 Contact the animal care service, contact the person who will watch your house, and take their contact details (telephone, email)

 Prepare a list of instructions for all the people who will take care of your animals, and your house (date of watering the plants, collect the mail every 2 or 3 days….)

– give them the codes for the alarm if you have one.

 Make an appointment with the beautician, and the pedicure to have pretty toes on the beaches.

 Pay all pending bills (for a long-distance trip, cancel all optional water, electricity, landline subscriptions, etc.), and pay attention to your car insurance, if you cancel it for too long, you risk losing your bonus rights, find out!)

 Check your cell phone subscription to see if it will work at your destination. Otherwise, you will buy a sim card on the spot, or use WhatsApp on wifi!

 Check your bank balance and the conditions of withdrawal and insurance of your credit card abroad

 Take photos of your belongings and luggage in case of loss or theft during transport

 For an RV trip, start setting up all the big gear (bike, table, camping chairs, beach games, tool kit….)

5 – D-1 before departure

Home stretch! We always leave work, without taking the time to breathe, so the day before is really the important moment not to forget anything before the trip.

 Prepare a small bag easily accessible to go by plane or car with games, and snacks.

>> Tips for preparing your hand luggage

 Put forward in a transparent pocket: passport, plane ticket, the miscellaneous reservation voucher

 Water the plants

 Clean your house

 Load everything you take (APN, phone, computer, etc.)

 Study your schedule for the day of departure to know what time to leave the house (for example loading the car, giving the keys to grandpa and mammy and saying goodbye, buying magazines, finding a parking space at the airport, etc.)

 Collect homework from school if your child misses class (if you’re lucky the teachers agree!)

 In the motorhome, fill up all the tanks (petrol, water, etc.)

– Store your belongings in the motorhome.

6 – D-Day: the big departure with the children

Here are the holidays, you have fully deserved them! Last instructions and after the holidays we forget everything!

 Empty the refrigerator and give what you have not consumed to your loved ones (if possible clean it!)

 Take out the trash to avoid a bad surprise and smell when you return

 Unplug all hi-fi equipment, and turn off your hot water tank if you are going away for more than 4 days

 Take the travel survival bag (children’s games, snacks, DS, small woolen clothes, changing bag, etc.)

 Load the car – For our part, we always leave almost directly from work (we load everything either early in the morning or between noon and two), we pick up the children and on the way bad troop. It’s a habit due to the fact that we always have a lot of roads to go to get anywhere (no highway within an hour’s drive!).

 Connect the alarm

 Close the door twice and go for it!!!

A nice journey to all of you!

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