Mint tea

by Location Taroudant

Mint tea

Thé- à-la-menthe

Moroccan mint tea is a traditional drink in Morocco. It is hot, easy and quick to make. It really does occupy a fundamental place in the drinking habits of Moroccans and is also considered a sign of generosity, kindness and boundless warm hospitality in Morocco.

Preparation :

Generally, to prepare mint tea we need the following basic ingredients : 5 tsp. green tea, 1 bunch of fresh mint, 10 sugar cubes.

For the step of preparation, it takes 10 minutes to brew. First, bring 1 litre of water to a simmer, then put the tea in a teapot and pour in a glass of water. Leave to brew for about 3 minutes, until the tea loses its bitterness. Discard the water.

Then, in the teapot, add first the sugar and then the mint. Cover with hot water and leave to brew for 5 minutes. If you want to serve the tea with pastries, small cakes...

Tea is really a symbol of welcome in Morocco, we drink it when we meet, between relatives, between colleagues, between friends, and we usually drink it at any time of the day.

Have a nice meal !

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